Telecommunications Lab
(Lehrstuhl für Nachrichtentechnik)
Saarland University, NTF I - 6.2 Computer Science
Campus C6 3, Floor 10
P.O. Box 151150
66041 Saarbrücken

SS 2006

(Pro)Seminar DVB-T coding emulator/simulator (in Matlab)

Overall organization

The course is combined as seminar/proseminar. Two proseminar topic have been registered an will be presentend during the semester. The seminar topics will be implemented in several meetings during the semester and presented at the end in a block.

The seminar and proseminar topics are listed in the table below. The proseminar topics are P1 and P2 and seminar topics are enumerated S1...S5. For the proseminar topic every student:

  • analyzes and tests one step in the coder/decoder pipeline
  • writes a report on the purpose and capabilities of his/her module
  • reports this orally
For seminar topics every student:
  • implements and tests one coder/decoder pair (during the semester)
  • writes a report on the purpose and capabilities of his module
  • reports this orally (block seminar at the end of semester)


Nr.   Topic   Student   Supervisor  
P1.   Transport multiplexing and randomization   Dmitry Karnaukov   Aleksej Spenst  
P2.   Signal mapping   Jochen Miroll   Igor Fischer  
S1.   Synchronization   Eugeny Kriukov   Thorsten Herfet  
S2.   4K mode   Zaki Alsaadawi   Igor Fischer  
S3.   Bursting   Ivan Mironenko   Aleksej Spenst  
S4.   Multi-protocol encapsulation   Alwin Schultschik   Sylvia Schulz  
S5.   Multi-protocol encapsulation - FEC   Mikhail Ivanov   Sylvia Schulz  


The organizational flow of the (pro)seminar is the following:

Date   Time   Place   What
until 23.04.       www   On-line registration
25.04.   16:00   C6 2 U.26   Kick-Off meeting: Introduction.
25.04. - 09.05.           Reading and understanding the specification. Writing a short summary of the functionality and interfaces of one's part.
09.05.   14:00   C6 2 U.26   Proseminar: Presentation of Topic P1.
Seminar: Briefly report about one's part and its interfaces. Get a short introduction to Matlab and Subversion. Establish naming conventions.
09.05. - 23.05.           Program the interfaces (at least!) in Matlab. Document them and check them into Subversion repository.
23.05.   14:00   C6 2 U.26   Proseminar: Presentation of Topic P2.
Seminar: Testing the interfaces, discussing problems.
23.05. - 06.06.           Writing one's en/decoder in Matlab and testing it on suitable substreams. Extensively document the Matlab code (comments!). Checking the code into the repository. Writing an extended description of its function, challenges encountered, properties...
06.06   14:00   C6 2 U.26   Seminar meeting: Testing the whole pipeline.
06.06. - 20.06.           Debugging the code, making sure everything works perfectly. Checking the code into the repository. Writing the seminar paper and the presentation.
20.06.   14:00   C6 2 U.26   Proseminar: Presentation of Topic P1.
Seminar meeting: debugging and checking.
27.06.   07:00   e-mail   Submitting the paper and the presentation.
06.07.   15:00   C6 2 U.26   Seminar presentation.


The grades are available here as a PDF file.