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WS 2008-09

(Pro)Seminar "Bob"

Seminar: 7 CP, Proseminar 5 CP


This seminar is our first seminar which covers "cognitive source separation", one of our main research topics on the lab. Therefore this semester we gave a broad view over this subject area.

Students have to familiarize themselves with one subtopic and present it to the others. The major goal is to introduce the students into scientific work and gave them a feeling about our current research ("Bob").



 Eric Haschke

Seminar Topics

Nr.  Topic   Student  
1.  Cocktail party effect / Augmented reality    Hassan Soumsoumani  
2.  Binaural source localization    Jinu George  
3.  Time-frequency mask    Jochen Britz  
4.  W-disjoint orthogonality      
5.  Binaural partial tracking      
6.  Hidden Markov model      
7.  W-disjunction in reverberant environment      
8.  Augmented reality      



Date   Time   Place   What
until 31.10.2008       www, C6 3 10.06   On-line registration. After you confirmed your registration you should enroll for one topic in the list available in room 10.06.
 4.11.2008   16:00 c.t.
  C6 3 10.10  

Kick-Off meeting: Overview about "cognitive source seperation". Final assignment of the topics among the participants.

 17.12.2008   14:00 c.t.    C6 3, 10.10    First presentation: outlines