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SS 2011

Main Seminar "Data Communications - Recent Developments in Media & Entertainment Networks"

HIS-LSF course information

Overall organization

The seminar will be executed during the semester, with several plenum meetings. Extensive homework and regular communication with your tutor is expected between the meetings. The final meeting is a longer block where you will present your work.

Seminar topics

The topics will be chosen papers from the tracks "Multimedia & Entertainment Networking and Services" and "Peer-to-Peer Networking and Content Distribution" of the CCNC. You can find an overview of the papers on this site. In cases of strong interest in a certain paper of these tracks, feel free to contact us for clarification whether the topic is part of our seminar.

Nr.   Topic   Tutor   Student  
1.   End-to-end Available Bandwidth Probing in Heterogeneous IP Home Networks
Archi Delphinanto (Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands)
  Manuel Gorius   Jin Zhao  
3.   Improved caching for HTTP-based Video on Demand using Scalable Video Coding
Yago Sanchez (Fraunhofer Institute for Telecommunications - Heinrich-Hertz-Institute, Germany)
  Jochen Grün   Xu Zheng  
4.   Adaptive Rateless Coding for IPTV over a mobile WiMAX Channel
Laith A Al-Jobouri (University of Essex, United Kingdom)
  Zhao Li   Eyobel Berhe  
5.   A Multipath Video Streaming Approach For SNR Scalable Video Coding (SVC) In Overlay Networks
Majd Ghareeb (INRIA, France)
  Jochen Grün   Antoun Awad  
6.   A Cooperative Error Recovery Framework For IPTV over WiMAX
Aytac Azgin (Georgia Institute of Technology, USA)
  Jochen Miroll   Chao Zhang  
7.   Differentiated Chunk Scheduling for P2P Video-on- Demand System
Ubaid Abbasi (CNRS LaBRI Lab. - University of Bordeaux, France)
  Christopher Haccius   Alberto Friedmann  
8.   A Unified Fast Channel Change Framework for IPTV Networks
Aytac Azgin (Georgia Institute of Technology, USA)
  Goran Petrović   Yury Bakanouski  
9.   Network-aware Streaming Services Delivery over ISP-driven P2P Networks
Mubashar Mushtaq (Quaid-i-Azam University, Pakistan)
  Michael Karl   Prashant Yadava  

For your assigned topic you will

  • elaborate a written report
  • prepare and hold an oral presentation



NOTE: The pre-registration is optional. Also there is only a limited amount of slots for this seminar. Topics will be assigned at the kickoff meeting. This means that there is no possibility to "reserve" a topic (or a slot) until it is finally assigned to you in the kickoff meeting. In this meeting we will also do a little Q & A session to determine the more interested participants which will then be favoured when assigning the slots. Finally, the pre-registration list will determine the order in which topics are assigned to the interested participants.

The organizational flow of the seminar is the following:

Date   Time   Place   What
until 20.04.2011           Pre-Registering for the seminar. The list is available in room 1.03 in bulding E 2 1 at the NT lab.
20.04.2011   14:00   C6 3 9.08   Kick-Off meeting: Overview about topics. Assignment of the topics among the interested participants.
20.04.2011 - 24.05.2011           Read and understand the background literature. Prepare the outline of your written report and create slides for a short (about 5 min.) introductory talk about your subtopic. Meet your tutor regularly for synchronizing your work.
24.05.2011   14:00   C6 3 9.05   Present the outline and a short overview of your topic. The goal of this meeting is primarily to adjust the coverage of the overall topic by the different talks. In addition, you will get some comments and suggestions about your slides and your presentation style.
24.05.2011 - 05.07.2011           Elaborate the outline into a complete draft for the written submission. In parallel prepare the slides for the final presentation. Again, arrange regular meetings with your tutor.
05.07.2011   14:00   C6 3 9.05   Present your paper draft. It will be commented by the plenum in order to give you suggestions for improvements.
05.07.2011 - 18.07.2011           Finalize your written report.
until 18.07.2011   24:00  
Submit your written report.
18.07.2011 - 01.08.2011           Finalize your presentation slides. As the time slot for each talk during the final presentation is about 20 minutes, we recommend to prepare about 13 slides.
until 01.08.2011   24:00       Submit your presentation slides.
19./20.09.2011   14:00   C6 3 9.05   Seminar presentation



Literature / Links

Contact Person: Jochen Grün