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(Lehrstuhl für Nachrichtentechnik)
Saarland University, NTF I - 6.2 Computer Science
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WS 2007/08

Main Seminar "Audio/Visual Peer2Peer Networks"

Overall organization

The seminar will be executed during the semester, with several plenum meetings. Extensive homework and regular communication with your tutor is expected between the meetings. The final meeting is a longer block where you will present your work.

Seminar topics

Nr.   Topic   Tutor   Student  
1.   Streaming real-time audiovisual Content over IP-based Networks: Requirements and Solutions.   Manuel Gorius   Tobias Jung  
2.   Overview P2P Networking: Architectures and Applications.   Manuel Gorius   Raja Hamza Qadir  
3.   Application Layer Multicast: Overlay Networking vs. IP-Multicast.   Manuel Gorius   Andreas Neufang  
4.   Mobile ad hoc Networks: Load Balancing and Fault Tolerance by Multipath Routing.   Guoping Tan   Mustakim Mohamed Adnan  
5.   Unstructured P2P Networks: Search and Replication.   Jochen Miroll   Chakib Bensajjay  
6.   Structured P2P Networks: Efficient distributed Representation of digital Content.   Sylvia Schulz   Thomas Webel  
7.   Peer Selection: Randomized Self-Organization and Self-Healing.   Zhao Li   canceled  
8.   P2P Voice over IP: Internet Telephony with Skype.   Sylvia Schulz   Eric Haschke  
9.   P2P Video Streaming: Challenges of P2P Internet Video Broadcast.   Manuel Gorius   Minghao Li  
10.   Forward Error Correction: The Power of Digital Fountain Codes.   Thorsten Herfet   Michael Karl  
11.   Network Coding: Optimizing the Throughput of a Network.   Thorsten Herfet   Jochen Grün  
12.   Network Synchronization: Enabling real-time Media on the Overlay Network.   Jochen Miroll   Robert Müller  
13.   Load Balancing and Fairness: Improving Availability and Reliability by Incentives.   Jochen Miroll   Bernd Mechenbier  
14.   Security in P2P Networks: Reputation Management and Data Integrity.   Jochen Miroll   canceled  

For your assigned topic you will

  • elaborate a written report
  • prepare and hold an oral presentation



The organizational flow of the seminar is the following:

Date   Time   Place   What
until 02.11.2007       www, C6 3 10.09   On-line registration. After you confirmed your registration you should enroll for two topics in the list available in room 10.09. You have to select one preferred and one alternative topic.
30.10.2007   16:00   C6 3 9.08   Kick-Off meeting: Introduction into the different subtopics. Final assignment of the topics among the participants.
30.10.2007 - 27.11.2007           Read and understand the background literature. Prepare the outline of your written report and create slides for a short (about 5 min.) introductory talk about your subtopic. Meet your tutor regularly for synchronizing your work.
27.11.2007   16:00   C6 3 9.08   Present the outline and a short overview of your topic. The goal of this meeting is primarily to adjust the coverage of the overall topic by the different talks. In addition, you will get some comments and suggestions about your slides and your presentation style.
27.11.2007 - 15.01.2008           Elaborate the outline into a complete draft for the written submission. In parallel prepare the slides for the final presentation. Again, arrange regular meetings with your tutor.
15.01.2008   16:00   C6 3 9.08   Present your paper draft. It will be commented by the plenum in order to give you suggestions for improvements.
15.01.2008 - 31.01.2008           Finalize your written report.
until 31.01.2008   24:00   email   Submit your written report.
31.01.2008 - 15.02.2008           Finalize your presentation slides. As the time slot for each talk during the final presentation is about 20 minutes, we recommend to prepare about 13 slides.
until 15.02.2008   24:00   email   Submit your presentation slides.
12.03.2008 - 13.03.2008   13:00 - 17:00   C6 3 9.05   Seminar presentation

Contact Person: Manuel Gorius