Telecommunications Lab
(Lehrstuhl für Nachrichtentechnik)
Saarland University, NTF I - 6.2 Computer Science
Campus C6 3, Floor 10
P.O. Box 151150
66041 Saarbrücken

Open Theses

The following thesis topics are currently offered. Please contact the listed supervisors for more details.

Topic Type Supervisor Related Project
Audio/visual source coding demo Bachelor Jochen Miroll [more info]


Running Theses

Topic Type Student Supervisor
Discriminating 4G & Broadcast Signals via Cyclostationary Feature Detection Master's Thesis Hossein Khoshnevis Thorsten Herfet
A PRRT Architecture for the OpenFlow Protocol Suite Master's Thesis Bernd Wittefeld Michael Karl
Active-Stereo Synchronization of multiple Displays via Ethernet Master's Thesis Julian Metzger Jochen Miroll
Real World Performance of Rate Adaptive OFDM Feedback Jamming
based Wireless Multicast
Master's Thesis  Martin Beyer Jochen Miroll
Synchronized Multi-Stream Transport of Stereoscopic HDTV Master's Thesis Hanjo Viets Goran Petrovic
Manuel Gorius


Finished Theses

Topic Type Student Supervisor
Congestion Control and Fairness for Real-time Media Transmission Master's Thesis Juhi Kulshrestha Manuel Gorius
Wireless Media Multicast with Predictable Reliability in the Network-Integrated Multimedia Middleware Master's Thesis Yongtao Shuai Manuel Gorius
Digital TV Distribution in the DLNA/DVB-HN Home Network Master's Thesis Martin Emrich Manuel Gorius
Feedback Suppression for a Media-oriented Network Protocol Master's Thesis Bo Fu Manuel Gorius
Parallelized Parameter Prediction for Adaptive Hybrid Error Correction Bachelor's Thesis Bernd Wittefeld Manuel Gorius
Combined Link Adaption and Admission Control for More Reliable Wireless Groupcast according to IEEE 802.11aa Master's Thesis Bruno Ranieri Jochen Miroll
Source Separation based on Partial Recognition and Speech Signal Regeneration Master's Thesis Jochen Krämer Thorsten Herfet
Simulation und Prädiktion drahtloser in-Haus Übertragungskanäle anhand diskreter Markov-Modelle Diploma Thesis Andreas Hirtz Jochen Miroll
The influence of the capture effect on the collision probability in wireless home networks Master's Thesis Li Mingao Jochen Miroll
Design and Implementation of a Media oriented Network Protocol Stack Diploma Thesis Jochen Gruen Manuel Gorius
Variance of DVB-T2 Performance Gains over different channels Bachelor's Thesis Julian Metzger Thorsten Herfet
A User-Centric QoS Management System for Wireless Home Networks PhD Thesis Aleksej Spenst Thorsten Herfet
Voice-Modeling based on a given F0-track Bachelor's Thesis Stefan Densow Eric Haschke
Implementation of a DLNA compliant MediaServer with DVB and RTSP/RTP support Bachelor's Thesis Martin Emrich Manuel Gorius
Mediarouting in consideration of fault-tolerance and strict delay constraint Diploma Thesis  Michael Karl Manuel Gorius
Optimum Hybrid Error Correction Scheme under Strict Delay Constraints PhD Thesis Guoping Tan Thorsten Herfet
Optimization of an Application Layer Hybrid Error Correction Scheme under strict Delay Constraint
Master's Thesis Robert Gogolok Manuel Gorius
Implementierung eines DVB Digital Media Renderers Study Thesis Jochen Gruen Manuel Gorius
Anwendung einer optimierten Hybrid-Fehlerkorrektur in Multi-Hop-Netzwerken Study Thesis Michael Karl Manuel Gorius
Untersuchung drahtloser Kanalmodelle für in-Haus Netzwerke nach 802.11a Diploma Thesis Christian Dillschneider Jochen Miroll
Binaural Tracking of Moving Sound Sources Bachelor's Thesis Janosch Offenberg Sylvia Schulz
Policy-controlled bandwidth sharing in WLANs Diploma Thesis Klaus Andler Aleksej Spenst
Automatic Classification of Audio Source Mixtures Master's Thesis Ivan Mironenko Sylvia Schulz
Multiple Fundamental Frequency Estimation for Cognitive Source Separation Bachelor's Thesis Jochen Krämer Sylvia Schulz
A DVB-S UPnP AV MediaServer Diploma Thesis Michael Becker Thorsten Herfet
Application Layer Hybrid Error Coding-(AL-HEC) for in-home multicast digital TV distribution Master's Thesis Manuel Gorius Thorsten Herfet
Binäre Codierung XML-basierter DVB-Service-Information Bachelor's Thesis Robert Müller Thorsten Herfet
Binaurale Separation akustischer Quellen Diploma Thesis Andreas Neufang Sylvia Schulz
Nutzerbezogene, prädiktive Dienstequalitätssicherung in drahtlosen In-Haus-Netzen nach 802.11a Diploma Thesis Jochen Miroll Thorsten Herfet
Binaurale Lokalisierung akustischer Quellen Diploma Thesis Eric Haschke Sylvia Schulz
Content Service Provider DVB-IP Bachelor's Thesis Michael Becker Thorsten Herfet
Decoder-Supported Automated Image Quality Analysis for HDTV Broadcast Master's Thesis Sarmad Hussain Thorsten Herfet
Generation of Point Sound Sources and Surround Sound Effects Study Thesis Tobias Jung Sylvia Schulz
Konzeption und Implementierung eines DVB-S Remultiplexers Bachelor's Thesis Jan Reif Thorsten Herfet
Umsetzung digitaler TV-Signale auf das DVB-IPI Streaming-Format Bachelor's Thesis Manuel Gorius Thorsten Herfet
Research assignment on audio-visual performance of IEEE 802.11e+n proposals studying Pre-N consumer hardware Study Thesis Jochen Miroll Thorsten Herfet
Pulsation of WLAN Signals according to IEEE 802.11 TGe Diploma Thesis Wang Li Rafey Jameel
A QoS-aware media stream transcoding/transrating solution for Wireless Home Networks Master's thesis Osama Khan Aleksej Spenst
Adaptive Quality of Service Management Mechanisms for Multimedia Traffic in Wireless Home Networks Master's thesis Mansoor Jafry Aleksej Spenst